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Best of TMC Box Frozen

Best of TMC Box


Wondering what our loyal customers love? The Best of TMC Box weighs a total of 2.2kg and includes our best selling chicken, salmon and barramundi.

Our Best of TMC Box includes:
2 x Cage Free Chicken Breast
2 x Barramundi Fillet
2 x Salmon Fillet
2 x Grass Fed Premium Lean Beef Mince
1 x Grass Fed Beef Eye Fillet Steak

TMC Flexitarian Box Frozen

TMC Flexitarian Box


Eating less beef? Our TMC Flexitarian Box is a perfect combination of chicken, fish and vegetarian options. Weighing a total of 1.95kg, it includes chicken, salmon, snapper and vegetarian burger patties.

Our TMC Flexitarian Box includes:
1 x Cage Free Chicken Breast
1 x Cage Free Chicken Thigh Fillets
2 x Salmon Fillet
1 x Roast Carrot Kale and Chickpea Patty
1 x Roast Pumpkin and Chickpea Patty
1 x Woodbridge Cold Smoked Salmon Thin Sliced
1 x East Rock Snapper

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