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Natural Hot Smoked Atlantic Salmon
Natural Hot Smoked Atlantic Salmon

Natural Hot Smoked Atlantic Salmon

Weight: 150g

$15.00 available on subscription

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Our Natural Hot Smoked Atlantic Salmon is sourced from ocean-water pens off the coast of Tasmania before being roasted over aromatic beech wood. Simply thaw and serve the salmon at room temperature. Get inspired by our Hot Smoked Salmon Chilli and Lemon Salad recipe!

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Natural Hot Smoked Atlantic Salmon

Hormone Free

Product Details

  • Ocean farmed in sea pens with low stock levels
  • Mixed diet through fish pallets
  • Never administered growth hormones, antibiotics strictly limited to sick animals
  • Blast frozen to ensure product integrity
  • Natural source of omega 3’s, vitamins and minerals

Our Natural Hot Smoked Atlantic Salmon is sourced from the pristine ocean waters off the coast of Tasmania, where they swim against the tides in state of the art sea pens. They are processed and slowly roasted over aromatic beech wood in Australia before being flown in direct to Singapore. The fillet has a fragrant fusion of smoky aromas and sea salt, with a luxuriously buttery taste. The golden exterior of the salmon, flakes easily to reveal a soft orange-pink hue that characterizes the rustic nature of this product.

You can be rest assured that your salmon has not been opened from the time it leaves Australia before it reaches your home, reducing double-handling and the possibility of contamination. Our salmon is blast frozen and does not go through unnecessary frozen and thawing cycles which erode quality and taste.

Our Natural Hot Smoked Atlantic Salmon Fillet is ready to be served at room temperature atop a salad or pizza, or tossed in a creamy pasta, or added to a cheese board.

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