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Free Range Pork Mince
Free Range Pork Mince

Free Range Pork Mince

Weight: 500g

$16.60 available on subscription

Our Free Range Pork Mince is sourced from Western Victoria, where ethical farming methods and tailored diets create great tasting pork. Best cooked in a stir fry. Check out our Mini Gluten Free Pork Burgers recipe for inspiration!

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Free Range Pork Mince

Free Range

Free Range Pork Mince

Hormone Free

Product Details

  • Naturally reared in open pastures with freedom to wallow
  • Fed a diet of mixed natural grains
  • Never administered growth hormones, antibiotics strictly limited to sick animals
  • Blast frozen to ensure product integrity
  • Great source of proteins, minerals and natural fats

The Meat Club pork comes from the Western Victoria region of Australia. Our supplier’s farming methods ensure a stress-free environment, by ensuring that the pigs are raised on a tailored, natural, grain-based diet free from growth promotions and hormones. They are free to roam, root and wallow in paddocks, meaning they are healthy and happy. All our pork products are blast frozen and do not go through unnecessary frozen and thawing cycles which erode quality and taste.

Our Free Range Pork Mince is best cooked in a stir fry.

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