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Barramundi Fillet
Barramundi Fillet

Barramundi Fillet

Weight: 150g

$13.50 available on subscription

Our Ocean Farmed Barramundi is sourced from Cone Bay, Western Australia and are raised in sea pens. Exhibiting true ocean flavours and clear opaque flesh, we suggest pan frying the fillet to form a crispy skin. Check out our Turmeric Lemongrass Fish with Coconut Rice recipe for inspiration!

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Barramundi Fillet

Hormone Free

Product Details

  • Ocean farmed in sea pens with low stock levels
  • Mixed diet through fish pallets
  • Never administered growth hormones, antibiotics strictly limited to sick animals
  • Blast frozen to ensure product integrity
  • Natural source of omega 3’s, vitamins and minerals

Our Ocean Farmed Barramundi is sourced from Cone Bay in Western Australia, the only true ocean-grown Barramundi in Australia, where they swim against the tides from their sea pens. They are incredibly fit, which is why their fat (very important in barramundi flavor) is spread evenly throughout the body. Due to their ocean environment, Cone Bay barramundi exhibit true ocean saltwater flavours (sweet and buttery) that is similar to wild caught fish with clean and clear opaque flesh.

You can be rest assured that your barramundi has not been opened from the time it leaves Australia before it reaches your home, reducing double-handling and the possibility of contamination. Our barramundi is blast frozen and does not go through unnecessary frozen and thawing cycles which erode quality and taste.

A forgivable fish due to its high fat content that keeps it incredibly moist even when overcooked, our Sustainably Farmed Barramundi Fillet is sometimes referred to as the pork belly of the sea. We suggest pan frying this fillet to form a crispy skin.

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