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Whole cuts perfect for sharing

Whole cuts perfect for sharing

Hosting family and friends for dinner? Be sure to check out our range of whole cuts, perfect for sharing! They will minimise your time in the kitchen and are great for your next dinner party.

Not only do these whole cuts look amazing on the dinner table, but they will easily be the centrepiece of the meal, helping you impress your guests. Check out our favourite whole cuts below.

Not sure how to prepare a whole cut of meat? They are not as difficult as you think!

We always recommend seasoning and marinating ahead of time to bring tenderness and flavour. Plus opt for a lower heat, and a longer cooking duration, to avoid drying out the exterior while keeping the interior uncooked.

Alternatively, cut them into portions before cooking. This is also a great way for those who has a small oven or grill.

For some inspiration, check out our recipes below.

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