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Nitrate Free Sausages and Ham

Nitrate Free Sausages and Ham

As The Home of the Conscious Carnivore, we favour quality over quantity; health over appearances. That is why we have launched a new and improve range of Nitrate Free Sausages and Ham. While they are a different shade of colour to what is typically found in the supermarket (and can change once opened), this is a normal reaction, due to the absence of nitrite salts which have been considered to be harmful to human consumption. Rest assured that it has no effect on the taste or nutritional value of the Sausages and Ham. Choose from our popular Australian BBQ Sausages, Nitrate Free Hams (whole and sliced) or Streaky Bacon for your next order. Perfect for BBQ, a breakfast feast, kids lunches, atop pizzas or in a toasted sandwich… the choices are endless. Read on for more helpful nutrition advice from Dr Naras from The Integrative Health Clinic about Nitrates and Nitrites and why Nitrate Free Sausages and Ham are a better choice for you and your family.

What are Nitrates and Nitrites?

Nitrates are naturally occurring compounds found in soil and water. Most of the nitrates we consume in our diet come from soil-grown vegetables and fruit. They are stable and unlikely to cause us harm. Nitrates are converted naturally into nitrites, which in turn, can be converted into nitric oxide. Naturally occurring nitrates and nitrites may help reduce the risk of cancer and other health conditions. Nitric oxide can lower blood pressure and improve exercise performance.

Whole ham 1kg The Meat Club

How are Nitrates and Nitrites used in food production?

Nitrates and nitrites are also used as additives by food manufacturers to help prevent the growth of harmful bacteria in processed meats, such as bacon, ham, and sausages. Nitrates and nitrites also add flavour and improve the appearance of processed meat. However, when processed meats are cooked at high temperature, the nitrites can be converted into to hazardous compounds called nitrosamines. Different types of nitrosamines may increase the risk of some cancers, particularly those of the digestive tract.  Cooking vegetables are less likely to produce nitrosamines because vegetables are rarely cooked at such high heat.  Vegetables also don’t contain as much protein as processed meats, which is a key contributor to the production of these harmful compounds.

Why and how do I limit my exposure to Nitrates and Nitrites?

Food manufacturers must limit the number of nitrates and nitrites they add to processed meats due to the dangers that nitrosamines may pose. You can reduce your risk of nitrosamine exposure by making wise choices when shopping for processed meats. The Meat Club only procures quality Nitrate Free Sausages and Ham. When sourcing nitrate and nitrite-free meats, check labels for sodium nitrate (E251), sodium nitrite (E250), potassium nitrate (E252) and potassium nitrite (E249).

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