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Nitrate Free Sausages and Ham

Nitrate Free Sausages and Ham

Whole ham 1kg The Meat ClubStreaky bacon The Meat Club

As The Home of the Conscious Carnivore, we favour quality over quantity; health over appearances. That is why we have launched a new and improve range of Nitrate Free Sausages and Ham. While they are a different shade of colour to what is typically found in the supermarket (and can change once opened), this is a normal reaction, due to the absence of nitrite salts which have been considered to be harmful to human consumption. Rest assured that it has no effect on the taste or nutritional value of the Sausages and Ham. Choose from our popular Australian BBQ Sausages, Nitrate Free Hams (whole and sliced) or Streaky Bacon for your next order. Perfect for BBQ, a breakfast feast, kids lunches, atop pizzas or in a toasted sandwich… the choices are endless.


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