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Wagyu Beef Burger Patty
Wagyu Beef Burger Patty

Wagyu Beef Burger Patty

Weight: 150g

$7.50 available on subscription

Our Australian Wagyu Beef Burger Patties are coveted on restaurant menus around the globe thanks to the blending of the best Wagyu genetics from Japan, with the supreme quality and purity of Australian beef. With no other additives or seasoning, they are perfect for pan-frying or the BBQ. Check out our Outback beef burgers recipe for inspiration!

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Wagyu Beef Burger Patty

Grass Fed

Wagyu Beef Burger Patty

No Hormones

Wagyu Beef Burger Patty


Product Details

  • Naturally reared in open pastures and finished on a mixed grain diet
  • Grass fed and finished on 400 days grain to produce a consistent marbled finish
  • Never administered growth hormones, antibiotics strictly limited to sick animals
  • Packed chilled
  • Great source of proteins, minerals and natural fats

Our Wagyu cattle roam freely in their natural environment, feeding on natural grasses and interacting with their surrounds from birth to roughly 18 months of age, at which time they are transferred to a 400 day grain-fed program in a large outdoor feed-lot in Queensland.

The grain provided to our Wagyu cattle is sourced from adjoining properties and is designed specifically, to produce a rich flavour and to meet the precise marbling requirements for Wagyu Beef.

Our Wagyu Beef Burger Patty follows the Japanese philosophy of Sanchoku (that food and produce are ‘direct from the source’). Promoting transparency between customers and producers, this philosophy champions the production of the highest quality Wagyu Beef Diced whilst meeting world-leading animal welfare practices, ensuring our cattle are always treated humanely and respectfully.

Our animal welfare standards are maintained by providing comfortable surroundings and only using horses and people to move our cattle through any facility in a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Our cattle are supervised by stockmen and women trained in animal welfare and monitored by a qualified veterinarian.

You can be rest assured that your Wagyu Beef has not been opened from the time it leaves Australia until it reaches your home, reducing double-handling and the possibility of contamination. Our Wagyu is cut fresh and is allowed to ‘wet-age’ in state of the art packaging, ready for when you open and start cooking!

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