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TMC Value Box

TMC Value Box

Weight: 3.65kg

$122.00 available on subscription

Looking for value for money? Our TMC Value Box is made up of items that go a long way without squeezing your pocket. The box includes 3.65kg of chicken, beef, lamb and fish products. Check out our Elderflower Cider Roast Chicken recipe for inspiration!

Our TMC Value Box includes:
1 x Cage Free Chicken Drumsticks
1 x Cage Free Whole Chicken
2 x Grass Fed Premium Lean Beef Mince
1 x Grass Fed Beef Stir Fry Strips
1 x Free Range Lamb Hind Shank
1 x East Rock Tarakihi (Sea Bream)

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Product Details

The Meat Club range of 100% grass-fed beef is certified #trueaussie, which means that it is produced naturally and free to roam in a land of abundant natural pasturelands. Sourced from the Gulf of Carpentaria region in Northern Queensland via a fully integrated supply chain, our beef is cared for by the same people all the way through from birth to processing.

Our 100% Australian Cage-Free Chicken is sourced from farms in New South Wales, where the chicken are raised in large barns. Our chickens are never administered growth hormones and have the freedom to roam, with access to seasonal non-GMO feed ensuring a delicious tasting all-natural chicken. Certified Halal, chlorine-free and raised on non-GMO feed, our partners use precision machinery to perfectly portion your cuts, and then snap freeze the products to lock in the freshness.

Raised in the foothills of the Gisborne region, our lambs are raised in a low impact manner, with high rainfalls meaning lush grass all year round. The proximity to the sea gives the lamb a great flavour from eating the salty coastal grasses, and it provides high quality protein along with iron, zinc and B vitamins.

From the East Coast of New Zealand’s North Island, small inshore boats carefully harvest our Tarakihi fish on short trips, delivering their catch wharfside fresh daily. Our white fish is blast frozen and does not go through unnecessary frozen and thawing cycles which erode quality and taste.

What’s in The Box?

Cage Free Chicken Drumsticks Frozen

Cage Free Chicken Drumsticks

$12.00 available on subscription
Cage Free Whole Chicken Frozen

Cage Free Whole Chicken

$27.00 available on subscription
Grass Fed Beef Lean Mince

Grass Fed Beef Lean Mince

$14.10 available on subscription
Grass Fed Beef Stir Fry Strips

Grass Fed Beef Stir Fry Strips

$14.80 available on subscription
New Zealand Grass Fed Lamb Hindshank Frozen

New Zealand Grass Fed Lamb Hindshank

$33.00 available on subscription
New Zealand Wild Caught Tarakihi (Sea Bream) Frozen

New Zealand Wild Caught Tarakihi (Sea Bream)

$20.00 available on subscription
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