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Nitrate Free Sliced Ham

Nitrate Free Sliced Ham

Weight: 200g

$11.00 available on subscription

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Our Free Range Nitrate Free Sliced Ham is sourced from Victoria, Australia. Full of flavour but without any nasties, our Ham is perfect for everyday sandwiches, in a sharing platter or atop a pizza!

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Nitrate Free Sliced Ham

Hormone Free

Product Details

  • Naturally reared in open pastures with freedom to wallow
  • Fed a diet of mixed natural grains
  • Never administered growth hormones, antibiotics strictly limited to sick animals
  • Great source of proteins, minerals and natural fats
  • Keto friendly
  • Nitrite-free

The Meat Club pork comes from the Western Victoria region of Australia. Our supplier’s farming methods ensure a stress-free environment, by ensuring that the pigs are raised on a tailored, natural, grain-based diet free from growth promotions and hormones. They are free to roam, root and wallow in paddocks, meaning they are healthy and happy.

Our Australian Free Range Nitrate Free Sliced Ham is for everyday sandwiches, in a sharing platter or atop a pizza!

As The Home of the Conscious Carnivore, we favour quality over quantity; health over appearances. That is why our Free Range Nitrate Free Sliced Ham is slightly paler in colour, which changes once opened. This is a normal reaction, due to the absence of nitrite salts which have been considered to be harmful to human consumption. Rest assured that it has no effect on the taste or nutritional value of the Ham.

Ingredients: Pork, salt, water, crushed juniper berries, crushed black pepper, baking soda, beechwood smoke.

Read on for more helpful nutrition advice from Dr Naras from The Integrative Health Clinic about Nitrates and Nitrites and why Nitrate Free Sausages and Ham are a better choice for you and your family (here).

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