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Salmon Confit



PREP TIME: 5 Minutes
COOK TIME: 15 Minutes


Lace Zang

Words by #sgfoodie Lace Zhang: Confit just means cooking something in its own fat. Here, already fatty salmon is luxuriantly bathing in extra virgin olive oil, poaching itself in all that fat. Add any aromatics you desire. Here, I added lemon slices, thyme and shallots. Feel free to throw in cloves of garlic, or whatever citrus you have on hand. As the oil slowly heats up, the aromatics infuse their flavour into the oil, creating a very intense flavoured oil to which the salmon soaks up.

Note: cook this over very very low heat, the lowest you can manage. Too high a heat and the protein kinda coagulates, resulting in little dots of white stuff floating atop. Completely fine if that happens, don’t beat yourself up, just enjoy the salmon.



  1. Season the salmon on both sides with salt and pepper.
  2. Using a small suacepan, fit the salmon snugly in one layer. Drizzle the oil over, just covering the salmon. Toss in the shallots, lemon and sprigs.
  3. Over extremely low heat, the lowest you can manage, let the salmon poach in its own fat, covered, for 5 minutes. Then switch off the heat, spooning the hot oil over the top to further cook it. Let it sit around and cook in the residual heat for another 2-3 minutes, until just cooked through.
  4. Before serving, decant salmon onto plate. Spoon oil and aromatics all over. Sprinkle with some flakey sea salt.