King Salmon Fillet (150g)

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King Salmon
Product of New Zealand


The New Zealand King Salmon species of salmon that we use has a wonderfully rich, full flavour and a deep red/orange flesh colour. Regal Salmon is quick, versatile and easy to prepare.

The delicate texture of fresh Regal salmon evokes the purity of its place of origin; the cool, deep sea waters of the Marlborough Sounds. With its generous marbling, Regal salmon is vibrant in colour. In taste, our salmon has a creamy mouth feel reminiscent of ripe avocado. The layers of salmon have a buttery texture, almost velvety, and melt away in the mouth. Fresh Regal salmon is perfect for sashimi and sushi, oven baking, poaching, pan- frying or grilling.

Regal Salmon is harvested all year round from the crystal clear waters of the Marlborough Sounds and dispatched fresh to markets within New Zealand and around the world within 24 hours of leaving the sea.

Regal Salmon is a good-sized fish with firm flesh and can be served in a wide variety of cuts from fine fillets to steaks, portions or whole fish. Its attractive orange/red colour, delicate texture and characteristic rich flavour make it very appealing when served either raw, cooked or smoked.

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