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Ocean Farmed Barramundi Fillet

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(150g), frozen


Our Sustainably Farmed Barramundi Fillet is sourced from Cone Bay Ocean Barramundi, the only true ocean-grown Barramundi in Australia which exhibits true ocean saltwater flavours (sweet and buttery) that is similar to wild caught fish with clean and clear opaque flesh. The fish swim against the ocean tides from inside their sea pens which make them among the fittest fish, with evenly distributed fat (and fat is what barramundi flavor is all about) compared to other breeds, that are reared in inland estuarine and have pot bellies in comparison.

Our Sustainably Farmed Barramundi Fillet is a forgivable fish due to its high fat content that keeps it incredible moist even when overcooked. Sometimes referred to as the pork belly of the sea, we suggest pan frying this fillet to form a crispy skin.

For recipe inspiration, check out this here by Two Expat Cooks. Origin: Australia.

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