Grove Avocado Oil Original


Grove Avocado Oil Original (250ml)

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Extra virgin avocado oil has a delicate, slightly buttery flavour. It also has an exceptionally high smoke point. This makes it perfect for searing food at high temperatures and also a healthy choice for baking. Some cloudiness in the oil is normal as it is 100% pure, unrefined and cold-pressed oil.

About Grove Avocado Oil

Grove’s premium extra virgin avocado oil has been crafted with the same attention given to special reserve wines. Just like fine wines, soil and climatic conditions play an important role in developing the colour, flavour and aroma in extra virgin oils. Grove Avocado Oil sources fruit from Bay of Plenty in New Zealand, which is considered the world’s finest avocado growing region. The nutrient-rich volcanic soil and high sunshine hours there play an important role in producing the finest quality avocado fruit. Grove’s unique, world-class production process ensures that the oil extracted from the world’s best avocadoes reaches you in its purest and most nutritionally beneficial form.

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