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What is Clean-in-15?

What is Clean-in-15?

What is Clean-in-15?

Clean-in-15 is the brainchild of Riyana Rupani, is a certified nutritionist and Whole30 coach, recipe developer and the creator of Healthy-ish & Happy, where she shares tips on clean eating as well as healthy and delicious recipes.

Aimed to turn back the aging clock, the 15 day holistic protocol is aimed at resetting your health and your approach to it — everything from gut health, energy levels, inflammation and eating habits is covered. Riyana’s program teaches you how to recalibrate your relationship with food through:

  1. Release – detoxing and shedding the foods and habits that are not beneficial to you and your body
  2. Replenish – understanding and consuming nutrient-dense, balanced meals, starting to develop more mindfulness around food as well as incorporate incremental lifestyle changes.
  3. Renew – taking new habits and style of eating and make it your own

These 3 pillars serve to look into your everyday lifestyle, aiming to rejuvenate your physical and emotional well-being by day 15.

The program ensures you avoid foods that cause inflammation, disrupt your gut and cause imbalances in blood sugar and hormone levels. Natural whole foods are weaved into the program that taste good, and make you feel good! You will understand what goes into your food, what motivates you to eat certain foods and what foods work best for you. At the same time, Riyana will help improve your lifestyle though mindfulness, movement and sleep.

Riyana Rupani family

Why Clean-in-15?

The program is aimed at anyone that is:

  • Tired of diet trends

  • Wants to understand their body

  • Can’t curb cravings

  • Feels intimidated by a diet information overload

  • Can’t figure out why they are bloated, tired, moody, overweight and generally not feeling their best

  • Needs accountability and support

What does Clean-in-15 entail?

  • Contact and support with Riyana

  • Daily check-ins and group coaching

  • Sample meal plans with 30+ recipes

  • Guides for omnivores and vegetarians

  • Eating guides, suggested shopping lists and journaling templates

  • 100+ page e-book with the Clean-in-15 protocol

This post was adapted from The Soothe.

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