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Weight Loss and Weight Management in Singapore

Weight Loss and Weight Management in Singapore

Are you looking at long term weight loss and or management? In this article about Meat Diet and Weight Management in Singapore, we talk to Dietitian Dr Naras Lapsys from the Integrative Medical Centre about how incorporating meat into your diet and portion control could be the key to your weight loss goals.

Did you know that weight loss and management is the cornerstone of not only a healthy body, but also a healthy mind? Grounded in the philosophy of “good health requires effort and needs to be earned,” Dr Naras has observed over his years of practice that stress, sleep, fitness and state of mind all have significant impacts on how people eat and how all these factors intertwine and affect one’s health, especially their weight management. This has led Dr Naras to take a keen interest in the study of ‘longevity’ and the role that nutrition and lifestyle can play in the prevention of disease, promote healthy ageing and increase lifespan.

weight loss management tip by Dr Naras

More recently, he has observed that apart from eating a well balanced diet of mixed whole grains, fruit and vegetables, incorporating lean cuts of meat, combined with good-old portion control can help you with weight loss and / or weight management. He explains, [that] “eating protein is satiating and can curb unnecessary snacking”. If cooked appropriately, adding proteins to your diet can provide a range of valuable minerals and vitamins, while also helping you loose weight. Dr Naras explains that always cooking your beef, chicken, fish and other proteins with good quality healthy oils is a great way to reduce saturated fat intake, again a great way to loose weight. Moreover, he is a big fan of  simple cooking methods to aid weight loss, like boiling chicken breast or souse verde steaks; both of which can greatly reduce total fat and saturated fat intake.

Dr Naras shares his favourite two recipes from the newly launched Meat Club Recipe Book, Chicken Pesto Zoodles and Grilled ribeye steak with smoky eggplant and pomegranate salad. Both recipes can be incorporated into your meal plan diet to lose weight or for overall weight management. For more information about Dr Naras and to book in a direct one-on-one consultation, please contact The Integrative Medical Centre. Plus quote TMC10 for 10% off your first appointment (new customers only).

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