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Ideal cuts and recipes for kids

Ideal cuts and recipes for kids

Cooking for kids? We’ve got ideal cuts and recipe ideas for kids that will impress even the most fussy of eaters!

Not sure if your kids should consume meat? A personal decision for parents, we always advocate for a balanced diet that includes meat so their growing bodies can get the benefits of iron, followed by protein of course. Other nutrients such as healthy fats are important too, which can be important to their growth.

So. How to choose ideas cuts for kids? Look lean meat from reliable sources, that does not have added hormones, antibiotics or additives. Our favourites include lean mince, eye fillet (tender for baby teeth), chicken without skin, salmon (rich in omega3) a good lamb chop (cut from the rack for easy hand-holding). Check out our list below!

Not sure how to prepare your meat to suit younger tastebuds? Here are our top two tips for fussy easters:

  1. Marinate marinate marinate: Yes, look to marinate the meat to add flavour and tenderise it further. Try marinates that have a bit of acidity like lemon to help this process. If you can, always marinate overnight for the best results.
  2. Slow cooking is your friend: A quick sear (to lock in the juices while giving the meat a nice tasty exterior) followed by a slow long cook will ensure your meal is melt-in-your-mouth-ready and will avoid the meat drying out.

Check out our recipes we hope can inspire you:

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