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Free Range Chicken: A Powerhouse of Health Benefits!

Free Range Chicken: A Powerhouse of Health Benefits!

Picture this: you’re at the grocery store, deciding what to have for dinner. As you reach for a pack of chicken, you consider: “What impact will this choice have on my health?” This is exactly the same thought process the team at The Meat Club have, when looking to launch a new range.

That is why we are excited to introduce our latest offering, 100% Australian Free Range Chicken, which not only promises a mouthwatering dining experience but also a plethora of health benefits for you and your family. Let’s dive into why choosing Free Range Chicken is more than just a culinary delight; it’s a smart move for your well-being.

Lean and Nutrient-Rich

Free Range Chicken is more than just a source of high-quality protein. It’s a lean and nutrient-rich powerhouse that provides your body with essential vitamins and minerals. These chickens, with freedom to roam outdoors, develop leaner muscles and eat an all-natural diet of grass combined with non-GMO mixed grain. So, when you indulge in our poultry, you’re nourishing your body with the protein it craves without an overload of unhealthy fats. It’s the key to a healthier you.

Lower in Saturated Fats

Compared to conventionally raised poultry, Free Range Chicken contains lower levels of saturated fats. This lower fat content isn’t just about watching your waistline; it’s also a heart-smart choice. A diet low in saturated fats can significantly reduce your risk of heart disease and help maintain a healthy cardiovascular system. So, when you choose our poultry, you’re making a health-conscious decision to protect your heart.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids 

Our Free Range Chicken, raised on a diet that includes grass, is a goldmine of Omega-3 fatty acids. These healthy fats are known to reduce inflammation, support brain health, and enhance your overall well-being. By incorporating Omega-3s into your diet through our poultry, you’re not just making a smart choice; you’re making a delicious and nutritious one.

No Antibiotics or Hormones

The Meat Club’s Free Range Chicken is reared with a focus on natural and sustainable farming practices, and this means no antibiotics* and hormones are ever used. This is a critical health benefit. By choosing our poultry, you’re ensuring that you and your family are exposed to fewer potentially harmful substances, thereby safeguarding your health.

Ethical and Stress-Free Environment

In a Free Range Chicken environment, the birds lead less stressful lives, and this has direct implications for the quality of their meat. Less stress means lower levels of stress hormones in their bodies, which translates to a healthier and more wholesome product for you. It’s not just about what you eat; it’s about where it comes from.

Choosing The Meat Club’s 100% All-Australian Free Range Chicken isn’t just about savouring exceptional flavour; it’s about making a health-conscious decision. With its lean and nutrient-rich meat, lower saturated fats, higher Omega-3 fatty acids, and no exposure to antibiotics and added hormones, Free Range Chicken is a smart choice for those who prioritise their health. By opting for our Free Range Chicken, you’re not only enjoying a delightful meal but also nourishing your body with the goodness it deserves. Your health is our priority, and our Free Range Chicken is here to help you achieve your wellness goals.

So, why wait? Make the smart choice for your health and elevate your dining experience with The Meat Club’s Free Range Chicken today! Your body and taste buds will thank you.


*Like all humans, a sick chicken may need veterinary treatment. This treatment may include antibiotics, which are administered to the animal in isolation and under strict vet supervision. More information here.


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