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State of the art packaging

Meat Safety

Our state of the art packaging means you’ll never have to worry about steak quality again.

Our premium cuts of beef and lamb are pre-portioned and vacuum packed at our suppliers facilities in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland, Australia, to seal in the freshness and maintain the premium taste and texture our members have come to enjoy.

This form of packaging (technically speaking, ‘thermoform cryo-vacuum’) reduces atmospheric oxygen, limiting the growth of bacteria, while also preventing evaporation of volatile components and contaminants that erode shelf life and quality, from entering the product. This packaging goes a long way in assuring our members that product quality and food safety is maintained, while minimising cross-contamination of any kind.

Important side note: vacuum packed red meat may appear darker compared to meat stocked in a traditional butcher or supermarket, due to the removal of oxygen. However the meat will quickly “bloom” to its natural bright red colour soon after opening, as oxygen comes into contact with haemoglobin within the muscle fires of the meat.