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The Australian Way – bringing the laid back BBQ to Singapore

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The Australian BBQ. Is there anything better?
Singapore’s climate and lifestyle is not unlike Australia’s. Back yard pool parties. Beach side BBQ’s. Late night dinner parties. The Meat Club was inspired to make these pastimes a favourite for Singaporeans, with a more accessible fresh beef and lamb offering that can be shared with loved ones. In fact, getting your friends and family together has never been easier because with The Meat Club:

  • Our product has a 28 day shelf life chilled, so there is no need to thaw your meat from the freezer.
  • We offer home delivery, taking the hassle out of trips to the butcher or supermarket.
  • We have a cool Auto-Pilot option, meaning you will get your personalised red meat delivery every 4 weeks

Australian BBQ Australian BBQ
Getting friends and family together is easier with The Meat Club
The Meat Club brings farm fresh, pre-portioned meat to your door for convenience. Try it today and see the difference.