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Animal welfare, their diet and the effect on the eating experience

Meat Safety

In the world of meat, it is a relief to know that Australian producers are at the fore front of animal welfare and diet. Animals, like us, respond well to being treated with the care and respect they deserve. Read on for more.

Animal welfare

The way an animal is managed – what we call Animal Welfare – is critical. Science has proven that without animal welfare in mind, the eating quality of the produce we consume is not there. That is because animals, like us, can get easily stressed, releasing hormones into their body. This makes it all the more important to keep them calm and happy at the time of processing.

If cattle for example are not treated properly, their natural response – like humans – is fight or flight. This energy, known as adrenalin, is released. If they loose their anaerobic energy at the time of processing (through stress), tests have shown that this drop materially affects pH balance in the meat and can deteriorate the eating experience.

Happily, Australian producers have some of the toughest guidelines in the world. You can read more about these practices on the Meat & Livestock Australia website, here.

Their diet

Cattle are what they eat – simple as that – they are just like us. If the meat you consume enjoy a nutritious diet, you are bound to get a better tasting, nutritious product.

Our range of grass fed beef have been raised on the rich fertile lands of Northern NSW, Australia. They are free to roam as nature intended. Our range of Premium MSA Graded beef enjoy the same rich fertile grass lands as well as 70 days of non-GMO quality grains that includes whole wheat, barley and corn. These grains help produce a consistency in steak texture, taste and tenderness whereas their grass-only counterparts can have different taste profiles, depending on the seasonality of sun and rain.