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Australian Wagyu, Shabu Shabu and Yakiniku now in store

Australian Wagyu, Shabu Shabu and Yakiniku now in store

You asked for it, we searched for it… and we now, we deliver! Introducing our latest offering from Australia. Wagyu Beef, Shabu Shabu & Yakiniku is now online.

Wagyu The Meat Club blog

Coveted on restaurant menus around the World, our Australian Wagyu Beef blends the very best Wagyu genetics from Japan, with the supreme quality and purity of 100% Australian beef. With a rich, buttery flavour, and consistent outstanding marbling our Wagyu Beef will have you coming back for more. Choose from your favourite steak cuts including Rib Eye and Sirloin or opt for a versatile mince for everyday patties and Bolognese!

Yakiniku The Meat Club blog

Craving hot pot or feeling like a BBQ grill with family and friends? Enjoy our beef and pork cuts of Shabu Shabu and Yakiniku from Australia, for your next get together. Perfect for sharing, these versatile cuts have everything you need for a meal to remember.

Shabu shabu The Meat Club blog

New to The Meat Club? Order our Wagyu Beef, Shabu Shabu & Yakiniku online now with $10 off (WELCOME10 on checkout) or add to your existing subscription via the Dashboard!

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