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Why is my product out of stock?

Why is my product out of stock?

Did you know we only source what is needed, when it is needed?

Our subscription model helps us forecast order volumes and customer demand, so we only bring to Singapore what is required to fulfil your orders, plus some buffer. This means we avoid wastage and maximise freshness from production date.

This model means we don’t carry a lot of stock in our warehouse, and relies on a forecast model that is next to perfect.

Sometimes a variety of factors such as supply chain hurdles, or surges in demand will mean that your favourite items may from time to time be out of stock.

The good news is that we often have a replacement product which is very similar to your favourite cut. Plus you can be rest assured that your meat hasn’t been sitting in a warehouse chiller or freezer for 12 months straight.

Read more about how we source for our Australia and New Zealand produce here.

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