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Our Australian Free Range Pork

Our Australian Free Range Pork

Did you know that our Australian Free Range Pork is sourced from pigs that are raised in Western Victoria, and live outdoors in a cool temperate climate with an abundance of water and feed available at all times?They are free to socialise and to express natural behaviours such as forage for food, building nests, wallow and interact with their siblings and peers.

To qualify for Free Range status, they are born (farrowed) outdoors in pig huts (shelters) which are lined with straw. As the piglets grow and no longer need their mothers, they are weaned and move to straw based  ‘Eco Shelters’ where they live with other piglets the same age having the opportunity to interact and play. They enjoy nutritional feed, fresh air and clean water and are well protected from predators such as foxes and eagles, and the harsh elements of the Australian climate.

As Conscious Carnivores, we made sure that we sourced our pork from pigs are raised without the use of antibiotics, growth hormones, and growth promotants, but are fed natural probiotics to aid natural digestion and overall health. Learn more about Conscious Carnivore here.

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