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Difference between frozen and chilled beef

Difference between frozen and chilled beef

We are proud to partner with an Australian beef supplier that is 100% family owned and fully integrated from farm to processor. As part of that supplier relationship, we have worked hard to guarantee fresh, chilled beef from their door to yours. One very common question we receive – what is the difference between your frozen beef and chilled beef produce?

All our fresh, chilled beef stays chilled from the time it leaves our Australian partners facility to the time it reaches you. All our frozen beef is frozen from chilled stock in Singapore. It is not imported frozen but is frozen at our warehouse on the arrival date of our next chilled delivery date.

No matter what you choose, as a Conscious Carnivore, you can be rest assured that your beef has not gone through unnecessary freezing and defrosting cycles and has not been opened. And as part of our satisfaction guarantee, we offer a one for one exchange for any item that you feel, falls short of our own high product standards.

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