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Wok Puffs

Wok Puffs


Wok Puffs is on a mission to make snacking fun, healthier, and imaginative.  Our crunchy rice puff snacks are made from 100% air-puffed whole grains, and are confirm shiok till the last grain. Our iconic flavours include:

  • Ikan Bilis – Savory ikan bilis paired with golden brown garlic crisps for that extra oomph – we matchmade 2 basic nibblies we can’t get enough of, and somehow they worked out.
  • Mala – Go peanuts for this tongue-numbing spice concoction designed to blow your mind. Warning: This flavour is not for the weak. Some level of sinus decongestion (think wasabi) to be expected.

Enjoy 10% off storewide when you buy 3 or more boxes using code WOKPFXTMC via our Shopee page here. Plus, follow us on Instagram and Facebook @wokpuffs or check out our website here.

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