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Our Offering

The heart and soul of The Meat Club is built on a simple and flexible subscription model called ‘Auto Pilot’. While we also offer the convenience of just in time, next day delivery on a Single Purchase, this may mean that the shelf life of our chilled items is shorter than what you would receive via subscription. Let us explain in this simple table.

Auto Pilot
  • Delivery on the second Saturday of every month (including the following week, to suit your needs)
  • Access to Club Prices (10% off)
  • Flexibility to modify, defer or cancel your order
  • Guaranteed between 14-28 days shelf life on all chilled items
  • Capped membership to 1,000
  • Less wastage
Single Purchase
  • Next day delivery for in stock items before 2pm
  • Minimum 3 days self life on all chilled items
  • Free delivery for orders over $60

We are welcoming but our Auto Pilot model isn’t for everyone. That’s okay because like all clubs, we are better suited for some more than others.

When you join us on Auto Pilot, you will receive your first delivery as and when it was first placed.

–> If you nominate ‘On Next Import‘, you are guaranteed to enjoy the maximum shelf life of all our items

–> If you nominate ‘As Soon As Possible‘, this will mean that the shelf life of our chilled items will have a minimum of 3 days shelf life.

In the case of ‘As Soon As Possible’, a team member will reach out to you prior to your second delivery, and organise for that order to be timed immediately on our import, so you benefit from product with the longest shelf life. This will always fall on the second Saturday of every month, or the following week, to suit your needs.

Try us on Auto Pilot today, to experience how we go above and beyond for our members.

Products we import chilled (never frozen)

These items are cut and packed by our partners in Australia, and have not been frozen and defrosted prior to delivery to your home.

Chilled shelf life

  • Beef and lamb*: 14 to 28 days^ chilled, when ordered on import
Products we import frozen (always frozen)

With an expanded range, we now import items that have been snap frozen by our partners and will be frozen through the supply chain until it reaches your home.

Frozen shelf life

  • Lamb mince*, chicken, pork, bacon, fish and sausages: min. 30 days frozen
  • Beef and lamb^ also available frozen: min. 30 days

Our import dates

We import on the second Saturday of every month, with deliveries immediately on arrival into Singapore, as well as during that first week, to suit your needs

12 January >> 9 February >> 9 March

How We Offer More For Less

Understand how we offer greater savings when compared to traditional bricks and mortar operations.

Traditional Formula
  • Pay farmer
  • Pay freight
  • Pay import broker
  • Pay distributor
  • Pay supermarket listing
  • Pay rent
  • Wastage
Our Formula
  • Pay farmer (premium quality)
  • Pay air freight
  • Pick & pack
  • Delivery