It’s all about the meat

Wondered where your Australian beef and lamb come from? Wonder no more!

‘The Prestige’ range of beef is sourced from Bindaree Beef, one of Australia’s largest privately owned meat processors, located in Inverell, New South Wales, Australia.  The famed ‘New England Countryside’ is home to our cattle who are raised on green pastures before enjoying not more than 70 days on grain. The combination of both grass and grain means our cattle have a depth and consistency of flavor that is unrivaled; each cut of beef has the same taste and texture.

The Meat Club farmer 24 wheeler

Farmer John at his station situated near Inverell, NSW

Our range of Union Station lamb is sourced from farms near Warrnambool, Victoria who are committed to sustainable practices and strict Australian humane welfare standards. Our sheep are free range and pasture raised, while also being hormone and additive free.

Sheep 2Windmill 2

The rolling hills around Warrnambool, VIC are home to our sheep farmers
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