Need a chef for your next party?

Have you ever hosted a BBQ where all you do is cook, instead of catching up with friends? At The Meat Club, we understand.

While some of us are eager to man the BBQ – lets face it – most of us would rather be in the pool, playing some cricket or being the DJ. We hear you. Sit back, relax and let us do the yard hards for you.

The Meat Club have a dedicated team of chefs who can take care of the cooking at your next event. Write to us  at to enquire how we can work for you!

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Friday night lights with Crossfit Bukit Timah

Crossfit Bukit Timah cook up a storm with The Meat Club premium cuts of beef.

“Welcome to the jungle”.  This was our formal greeting from Lisa Clayton and the team at Crossfit Bukit Timah, as we arrived for our BBQ post WOD (or “Workout of the day”, as we later learn) on a hot and hazy Friday night.

BannerThe TeamThe Grill







The facility, Singapore’s largest outdoor Crossfit, boosts an impressive undercover gym area, together with ample grass room, adjacent to a straight stretch of road where the team put in multiple sprints.

Fair to say that everyone was eager to fire up The Meat Club BBQ, manned by local Crossfit personality John Cheah.

ShirtMEATLove birds







After feasting on Australian rib eye and porterhouse, the team were – perhaps unsurprisingly – keen to display their brute strength in a wheel lifting competition. But make no mistake. This was no ordinary wheel. This beast weights roughly 400kg!

As the night closed, we were left feeling part of the team. The sense of camaraderie, support and community is tangible at Crossfit Bukit Timah.  For more information, check out their website here.

All images credit Melanie Lim @hookgripdreams

How to BBQ, grill or pan fry

Don’t listen to anyone who says otherwise. Perfecting a BBQ is a fine art. Here are our top tips to Australia’s favourite pastime:

  1. Fill a small shallow bowl with olive oil and coat the meat, then set aside on a separate plate
  2. Make sure your BBQ or pan fry is hot before you cook (it should sizzle when meat makes contact with the grill or plate)
  3. Cook one side until moisture appears on the other, season with salt and pepper, then turn using tongs for rare to medium steak
  4. Turn a second time for well done
  5. Test for tenderness by comparing steak to the thumb pad of your palm when:
    • Thumb to forefinger: medium-rare
    • Thumb to middle finger: medium
    • Thumb to little finger: well-done
  6. Allow steak to rest for a few minutes before serving

AustCham wine & cheese 4    Picture1

Letting steak rest before serving is critical. This allows juices, which are in the centre of the steak immediately after cooking, to redistribute and be reabsorbed before being consumed, making it more tender and juicy.

Images curtesy of © 2015 Chrisppics+

The Australian Way – bringing the laid back BBQ to Singapore

Singapore’s climate and lifestyle is not unlike Australia’s.  Back yard pool parties.  Beach side BBQ’s.  Late night dinner parties.

The Meat Club was inspired to make these pastimes a favourite for Singaporeans, with a more accessible fresh beef and lamb offering that can be shared with loved ones.  In fact, getting your friends and family together has never been easier because with The Meat Club:

  • Our product has a 28 day shelf life chilled, so there is no need to thaw your meat from the freezer.
  • We offer home delivery, taking the hassle out of trips to the butcher or supermarket.
  • We have a cool Auto-Pilot option, meaning you will get your personalised red meat delivery every 4 weeks.

BBQChef Wayne

Getting friends and family together is easier with The Meat Club

The Meat Club brings farm fresh, pre-portioned meat to your door for convenience.  Try it today and see the difference.