Austcham Wine & Cheese, plus a whole lot of beef and lamb

1 event. 7 chefs. 60kgs of red meat. 600 guests.

The numbers for Austcham Wine & Cheese are in.  The now legendary evening, held twice a year, attracts more than 600 members and guests. And rightfully so. The opportunity to indulge in quality Australian and New Zealand wine and beer, an enviable range of cheese, plus other gourmet imports, can be hard to beat.


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This August, The Meat Club were proud supporters of the event, having provided 60kg of restaurant quality Australian beef and lamb.

AustCham wine & cheese 13AustCham wine & cheese 15AustCham wine & cheese 14







With many guests coming back for seconds, the cooking prowess of the chefs from Grand Hyatt Singapore must be commended!

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Why Australian beef and lamb?

Australian beef and lamb is widely recognised as the finest in the World. There are guidelines on everything from meat quality to the humane treatment of animals.

In particular, Meat Standards Australia (MSA) is a grading system that takes the guess work out of buying Australian produce. Any red meat product bearing the MSA symbol has met strict criteria, meaning you can be rest assured that it’s been quality checked for tenderness and flavor.  Further information on MSA can be found here.


Rest assured that all product from The Meat Club is Meat Standards Australia graded

From our farms in New South Wales and Victoria, direct to your dinner plate, our range of beef and lamb has been specifically selected to be a part of The Meat Club.