1,000 membership cap

At The Meat Club, we are just that, a club.

Our vision is to provide Singapore families with a reliable and quality Australian product. We also strive to maintain the high service standards our members have come to enjoy. As a growing business, we refuse to compromise on our product or our service. That is why we have capped our member base to 1,000. So get in quick and join today, because the opportunity to be a member will close soon!

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I’ve opened my pack, now what?

Never worry about your red meat going to waste – ever again.

Instead, simply enjoy farm fresh beef and lamb, home delivered for your convenience. At The Meat Club, we specifically cut and pack our meat in meal sized portions and airfreight it direct from our farms in Australia. Our portions mean you don’t have to worry about opening a steak that will go to waste. It means you don’t have to think twice about how many packets to open. So don’t worry yourself over wasting food. We have your back.

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Next day delivery – what is the catch?

I want next day delivery, but what is the catch?

Get farm fresh meat, just in time for your next BBQ or event. Got a never ending to do list and haven’t had time to go to the local butcher or supermarket? No worries. Order online before 3pm today and you’re a click away from enjoying our premium cuts of beef and lamb. No time, no worries. Get great tasting Australian produce delivered to you at home. Create your own meat pack now or choose one from our carefully curated packs.

Free-range lamb with no antibiotics or hormones

At The Meat Club, we are serious about sourcing a superior range of lamb for our members.

Reared in Warrnambool, a pristine and fertile farming district in south-west Victoria, our farmers have a passion for animal welfare and use stress-free handling techniques. Our lamb are Halal certified, 100% free-range and have no added hormones or antibiotics. Supported by an ability to trace the product from paddock to plate, you will find that our range of Union Station lamb is exceptional.

The Meat Club sheep

State of the art packaging

Never worry about steak quality again!

Our premium cuts of meat are vacuum packed to seal in freshness and maintain the premium taste and texture our members have come to enjoy.

This form of packaging (technically speaking, ‘thermoform cryo-vacuum’) reduces atmospheric oxygen, limiting the growth of bacteria, while also preventing evaporation of volatile components and contaminants that erode shelf life and quality, from entering the product.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get great tasting steak, time and time again? That is one less thing to worry about when you go grocery shopping! Join The Meat Club now, your membership is just a click away.
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Club Rewards

“We are happy, when you are happy”

At The Meat Club, we are just that – a club. As with any club, our members are our ultimate priority. We love products that not only complement our own offering, but also encourage a balanced, healthy diet.

On our monthly Auto Pilot deliveries, our members receive surprises from our partners, so that they may benefit from new and exciting products in the market.

The catch? There is none! It is our way of saying thank you, for supporting our movement! Stay tuned for the initiatives we have in stall!

Club Rewards, April 2017
Club Rewards, April 2017
Club Rewards, May 2017
Club Rewards, May 2017

Worried about the provenance of your beef and lamb?

The Brazilian meat scandal raises important questions about the quality of the meat we all consume.

At The Meat Club, we have built our business around maintaining the highest integrity and standards through our cold chain supply and logistics channels. We source our meat directly from suppliers in Australia, who exceed standards and implement systems to eliminate any risk from the food production process.

The Meat Club rib eyeThe Meat Club rib eye

The Meat Club at Austcham
Furthermore, because our product is cut and packaged in airtight vacuum packaging in Australia, we have minimised any chance of contamination during the 6,300km flight and subsequent transport to our members doorstep. Our supply chain integrity means that our members can be rest assured that our products can be enjoyed without any concern over contamination or quality.

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Get peace of mind. Join The Meat Club today!

Enjoy FREE home delivery!

The butcher that comes to you

Want to cook meals from scratch, but the planning and shopping keep tripping you up? Join The  Meat Club and never have to go to the butcher again. Let us take care of your dinner planning and grocery shopping, so you can prepare the home cooked meals the whole family enjoy! Automate your grocery shopping. Say yes to farm fresh meat, delivered direct to your door.

Shelf life, explained

How do you guarantee up to 28 days shelf life in the fridge on Auto Pilot?

At the Meat Club, quality control is one of our core values. We use advanced atmospheric and packaging technology to pre-portion and ‘vacuum’ pack the meat at our facility in Australia. This technology contours the packaging to the shape of the meat for ultimate protection, as well as sealing the freshness from the paddock gate to your home in Singapore. At every step of the logistics supply chain, we closely maintain and monitor temperature and humidity to ensure there is minimal fluctuation.

Why does my lean mince have a shorter shelf life? 

As the process of making mince aerates the meat, it has a shorter shelf life of 10 days in the fridge.

What is the shelf life when I opt for next-day delivery? 

We offer one-off, just in time delivery for ultimate convenience. However, due to the nature of our import cycle (currently every 28 days), our meat may have – for example – 20, 15 or 10 days left in the fridge, depending on where your order sits within our own cycle.

To benefit from a longer shelf life, join Auto Pilot and your meat will be delivered immediately on import every four weeks. There is no lock in contract just the convenience to modify, defer or cancel your order at any time.

Need a chef for your next party?

Have you ever hosted a BBQ where all you do is cook, instead of catching up with friends? At The Meat Club, we understand.

While some of us are eager to man the BBQ – lets face it – most of us would rather be in the pool, playing some cricket or being the DJ. We hear you. Sit back, relax and let us do the yard hards for you.

The Meat Club have a dedicated team of chefs who can take care of the cooking at your next event. Write to us  at info@themeatclub.com.sg to enquire how we can work for you!

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