The difference between common steak cuts

I’ll have an eye fillet, please…

Ever wondered what the difference is between an eye fillet, porterhouse and rib eye?  Us to.  Here is the low down on common beef cuts that you will find at The Meat Club.

Eye Fillet.  A cut from the loin of beef (think lower back; the hindquarter). This muscle does very little work, so it tends to be the most tender part. The eye fillet can be cut for either a roast or steaks.

EyeFilletPiecesEyeFillet Styled 03

The Prestige Eye Fillet: 400g pack

Porterhouse.  Also a cut from the loin of beef, the Porterhouse is the larger of two steaks, cut from a T Bone.  They are sometimes marbled, with a layer of outside fat that can be trimmed.

PorterhousePorterhouse Styled 03

The Prestige Porterhouse: 500g pack

Rib Eye.  Also known as a Scotch Fillet, this is cut from the rib of the beef (think upper back; the forequarter). Again, this muscle does little work so tends to be quite tender.

ScotchFilletRibEye Styled 04

The Prestige Rib Eye: 500g pack
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