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Ever cursed yourself when you have to make a special trip to the butcher, when it’s the last thing you have energy or time for? Or come home from your local supermarket or wet market, only to remember… you forgot to pop into your local providore?

Save time for the important things in life...
Save time for the important things in life…

With The Meat Club, you can avoid the hassle and skip the cue. Save time for the important things in life, while we take care of the hard yards for you, including delivery!

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Shelf life, explained

Did you know that our beef and lamb has up to 28 days shelf life in your fridge (10 days for mince)?

The Meat Club state of the art packaging
The Meat Club state of the art packaging

We cut and pack our meat next to the farm, then use a powerful vacuum and special packing material that seals the meat, by contouring to its shape. This process ensures that all air is removed from the packaging and, when chilled, maintains the fresh taste you won’t find anywhere else in Asia.

Meet David, The Meat Club CEO!

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I grew up on a large sheep farm in outback Australia. Throughout my childhood, I worked the land with my dad and brother, and learnt everything about farming life, including the ideal conditions to rear sheep and other animals.

On the family farm, I was always keen to understand how things worked. But it wasn’t until I went to boarding school that I was struck by the scale of the city, and wanted to understand how this was all possible. This led me to study engineering and establish a career in infrastructure in both Australia and abroad.

After almost ten years working as a civil engineer and project manager, I was fortunate enough to be accepted into the INSEAD program to complete an MBA in Singapore.

Family farm
David grew up on a sheep farm

What inspired you to start The Meat Club?

Australia has an abundance of great, fresh produce, which is very easily taken for granted. When I moved to Singapore, I was frustrated that good quality red meat was hard to come by. It was often frozen or chilled with a short shelf life, and priced at a point I couldn’t afford.

I spoke with a close friend that runs a restaurant chain in Singapore about the difference between the wholesale and retail price of meat and the costs of import. We soon came to realise that there was a business opportunity in providing great quality meat, direct to customers, without the overheads of a bricks and mortar operation. After speaking with some Australian suppliers, we were able to secure a product that complimented the idea of creating an online presence, and The Meat Club was born.

David Bettie, CEO
David Bettie, CEO

Who do you think would most appreciate The Meat Club and what it offers?

The Meat Club offer something for everyone. Whether you are a meat connoisseur, fanatic or a BBQ lover, we take the hassle out of buying quality beef and lamb, which everyone can appreciate.

For example. I was not surprised to hear that other people were similarly frustrated by the lack of good quality meat in Singapore. To overcome this, a large proportion of them had resorted to bringing meat in their suitcases after visiting Australia and storing it in their freezer for months at a time. Others purchased red meat from the local supermarket or butcher sparingly, knowing the quality was substandard, despite the price and origin.

This has meant that eating red meat in Singapore has been a luxury that required careful planning, because if it meat had been frozen and thawed in preparation for dinner, it had to be cooked and eaten immediately.

With The Meat Club, members can be rest assured that our product is Meat Standards Australia (MSA) graded, fresh (never frozen) and delivered straight to your door from the farm gate.

So how does it work? 

The Meat Club is an online subscription model with no lock in contract. We encourage everyone to come on what we call, ‘Auto Pilot’. Auto Pilot means you get a regular meat delivery every four weeks, immediately on import, so you are guaranteed our brand promise of 28 shelf life in your fridge (10 days for mince). Auto Pilot also offers great flexibility, as you can modify, defer or cancel your order at any time while benefit from ongoing convenience and savings.

Aside from Auto Pilot, we also offer one off, next day delivery. Depending on the time of these orders, the meat may have a slightly shorter shelf life but members still benefit from meat that is chilled (never frozen).

We get a lot of questions around how we can guarantee such a long shelf life. This is owed to our packaging technology, which cryo-vacuum packs the meat at the processors. It also means no one else touches your meat, thereby greatly reducing any risk of cross contamination.

What has done well here in Singapore?

Members can either build their own meat pack or select a pack from one we have carefully curated. So far, we have found that building your own pack has been our most popular feature. This allows members to pick cuts most suited to them and their family, depending on how much beef and lamb they consume.

I would also add that our lean mince is particularly popular, as it has 10% fat content as opposed to traditional supermarkets which stock mince with around 20%.

Since our beef meat is MSA graded, members can be rest assured they are getting the very best in Australian product.

All cuts of beef and lamb from The Meat Club are MSA graded

Do you have a favourite cut of meat or recipe you’d like to share?

My favorite cut has to be the Eye Fillet steak. It is a smaller but thicker cut of meat (roughly 36mm) that is our most tender with an unbeatable flavor.

I like to BBQ my Eye Fillet so the full flavor of the beef comes out. To do this, I rub the steak in avocado oil and a generous amount of salt and pepper and let it rest out of the fridge for ten minutes. On a very hot BBQ grill, I cook the meat for about 5mins on one side and 4 mins on the other for medium-rare. I am careful not to poke the meat unnecessarily and then remove it from the heat, before placing it immediately in foil for 10mins. This is an important – but often overlooked step – which allows the steak to continue cooking and the juices to redistribute before eating, making it much jucier and tender.

The Meat Club Eye Fillet
The Meat Club Eye Fillet

Is there any advice you’d give to someone wanting to start their own produce oriented business and website?

Make sure you believe in your products and their quality, and establish solid partnerships with suppliers and contractors who will support you while you are starting up your new business.

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Need a chef for your next party?

Have you ever hosted a BBQ where all you do is cook, instead of catching up with friends? At The Meat Club, we understand.

While some of us are eager to man the BBQ – lets face it – most of us would rather be in the pool, playing some cricket or being the DJ. We hear you. Sit back, relax and let us do the yard hards for you.

The Meat Club have a dedicated team of chefs who can take care of the cooking at your next event. Write to us  at to enquire how we can work for you!

 The Meat Club chefThe Meat Club chefThe Meat Club BBQ

Lets talk about: Iron 

Mention the word ‘Iron’ and you’re bound to think about red cell development, red meat, lentils and perhaps even Popeye The Sailor Man. But what does Iron do and how does it benefit us? The Meat Club’s resident nutritionist and naturopath, Fiona Pham, tells us a little bit more about this essential mineral.

The body needs iron regularly to keep us healthy, feeling great and aid our everyday performance. It transports oxygen through our blood, boosts our immunity, and helps with energy production, brain function and muscle health.

To get the full potential of iron, we need to consume it on a regular basis. Fortunately, because our bodies absord iron immediately, you can feel the benefits of having good iron levels right away, having consumed the right food groups.

Iron is present in many plant (non-heam) and animal (heam) based products. Plant based sources include: leafy green vegetables, lentils, tofu, and nuts and seeds. Animal-based sources include: seafood, offal, beef and lamb. These animal based sources are typically 2-3 times better absorbed than plant based, making them an easy way of reaching your bodies full potential.

Iron rich foods

There are certain groups of people that may need to increase their intake of iron:

  • Expecting mothers – iron plays an important role in increasing the volume of blood in a pregnant woman, which can increase by up to 50%
  • Diets high in calcium (particularly for young children) – excess calcium from dairy products can block the absorption of iron
  • Vegans – this is due to a reduced intake of the more easily absorbable animal based (haem) iron
  • Women generally – especially those with heavy menses
  • Big coffee and tea drinkers – the tannins found in coffee and tea can bind to iron, which are then carried out of the body rather than being absorbed

The best why to find out if you’re iron deficient is to go to your local doctor and request for your levels to be tested. If you’re eating red meat less than 1-2 times a week and suffer from fatigue, poor blood circulation, cold hands and feet, poor muscle function and light coloured gums, you may need to consider consuming more products high in iron.

FionaFiona Pham is an experienced nutritionist and naturopath who is passionate about natural medicine and helping others achieve optimal health and wellbeing.  She has a personal, authentic, and people-oriented approach that sets a new benchmark in nutrition, naturopathy and holistic healthcare. Her understanding of modern lifestyle and its demands is key to her success.

A new way to shop online: farm to plate!

As a small but robust island, Singapore has worked hard to maintain a garden state and build a farming community.

Kranji – a designated green area in the Northwest, near the Malaysian border – has been a beacon for Singaporeans keen to enjoy fresh produce. Yet with a booming population, the majority of ready-to-eat food available in Singapore has needed to be imported. And while abundant, the idea of getting fresh product – especially red meat – has become increasingly difficult.

The Meat Club farm
Rolling hills in Inverell, NSW, where The Meat Club beef is sourced

Enter The Meat Club. While a good proportion of beef and lamb comes into the country as a primal cut, only to be re-cut (fresh or frozen) before being purchased by a customer, The Meat Club strive for farm to plate eating. What does that mean? It is quite simple, really.

The Meat Club cows ahead sign
The farm gate at The Meat Club

We import fresh, not frozen, Australian beef and lamb, direct from the processor. It is immediately cut into meal sized portions and packed in Australia, so very few people come in contact with your meat, reducing the risk of contamination and ensuring a freshness of taste that is unrivalled. After being air freighted into Singapore, we pick and pack our meat and deliver it straight to your door. This process means we can offer a shelf life of up to 28 days in your fridge (14 days for processed cuts such as lean mince).

The Meat Club eye fillet
Meat so fresh you won’t need anything accompanying it!

Want to provide the very best for you and your family? With The Meat Club you can! Come home from work, grab an eye fillet from the fridge and prepare a meal that everyone can enjoy!

Friday night lights with Crossfit Bukit Timah

Crossfit Bukit Timah cook up a storm with The Meat Club premium cuts of beef.

“Welcome to the jungle”.  This was our formal greeting from Lisa Clayton and the team at Crossfit Bukit Timah, as we arrived for our BBQ post WOD (or “Workout of the day”, as we later learn) on a hot and hazy Friday night.

BannerThe TeamThe Grill







The facility, Singapore’s largest outdoor Crossfit, boosts an impressive undercover gym area, together with ample grass room, adjacent to a straight stretch of road where the team put in multiple sprints.

Fair to say that everyone was eager to fire up The Meat Club BBQ, manned by local Crossfit personality John Cheah.

ShirtMEATLove birds







After feasting on Australian rib eye and porterhouse, the team were – perhaps unsurprisingly – keen to display their brute strength in a wheel lifting competition. But make no mistake. This was no ordinary wheel. This beast weights roughly 400kg!

As the night closed, we were left feeling part of the team. The sense of camaraderie, support and community is tangible at Crossfit Bukit Timah.  For more information, check out their website here.

All images credit Melanie Lim @hookgripdreams

Austcham Wine & Cheese, plus a whole lot of beef and lamb

1 event. 7 chefs. 60kgs of red meat. 600 guests.

The numbers for Austcham Wine & Cheese are in.  The now legendary evening, held twice a year, attracts more than 600 members and guests. And rightfully so. The opportunity to indulge in quality Australian and New Zealand wine and beer, an enviable range of cheese, plus other gourmet imports, can be hard to beat.


AustCham wine & cheese 4AustCham wine & cheese 11AustCham wine & cheese 10







This August, The Meat Club were proud supporters of the event, having provided 60kg of restaurant quality Australian beef and lamb.

AustCham wine & cheese 13AustCham wine & cheese 15AustCham wine & cheese 14







With many guests coming back for seconds, the cooking prowess of the chefs from Grand Hyatt Singapore must be commended!

Burpple Tastemaker Cooking Class

Words by Burpple Tastemaker, Irene Arieputri

Burpple Tastemaker’s take on The Meat Club beef and lamb!

An experience I would hardly find elsewhere, the cooking class conducted at Brettschneider’s Baking & Cooking School by Terri-Anne (of Carrotsticks & Cravings fame) was simple yet enriching. With a bare knowledge in cooking, I managed to whip up two fantastic meat dishes — Dukkah Crusted Lamb with Pomegranate Tzatziki and Spicy Grilled Tenderloin with Salsa —with the help of fellow Burpple Tastemaker(s). Terri-Anne recently published a cooking book that emphasises on simple ingredients with rich flavours and is definitely easy to follow as proven from my hands-on experience during the cooking class.

The best part of the cooking was definitely the ingredients used. The fresh high quality meats supplied by The Meat Club from Australian farms were absolutely wonderful. All their meat is cryovaced in meal-sized portions so as to maintain the freshness and flavour, and it was indeed evident in our dishes.  We could even notice a gorgeous marbling on the eye fillet during the marinating process.

Burpple Toastmaster Cooking class
Dukkah and olive oil with bread from Baker & Cook

The first dish, Dukkah Crusted Lamb with Pomegranate Tzatziki, offered a creative venture into the typically one-dimensional grilled lamb. Made from toasted nuts (hazelnut and almond) with sesame seeds, the dukkah went well with anything: bread, lamb and steak (and possibly anything else you can think of). It gave a good crunch to the tender juicy lamb whilst the pomegranate tzatziki lent a refreshing flavour with its tartness and some ‘pops’ of sweetness from the pomegranate.

Burpple Toastmaster Cooking class
Dukkah Crusted Lamb with Pomegranate Tzatziki

The best dish, in my personal opinion, would definitely go to the Spicy Grilled Tenderloin with Salsa. Terri-Anne’s simple marinade was more than sufficient to bring out the best of the eye fillet, the ‘lazy’ muscle from the loin beef. The refreshing tangy salsa sat so well with the smoky yet juicy beef tagliata and also gave the dish a vibrant colour.

Spicy Grilled Tenderloin with Salsa
Spicy Grilled Tenderloin with Salsa

Paired with a glass of Aldridge Estate Shiraz Cabernet from Wine Family, the entire meal was splendid. And there was no better way to end the night with a spread of desserts from Baker & Cook. It was definitely an unforgettable evening filled with lots of new insights about cooking, ingredients and, of course, lovely people who shared the same passion for food.

Burpple Toastmaster Cooking class
Desserts from Baker & Cook
IreneAbout Irene: An extroverted introvert who is almost constantly hungry, she recharges herself through spending some time alone (with good food, of course!). She is the happiest when she takes pictures of sunrise and when she finds a hidden food gem. Instagram @riinns

Healthy Entertaining with Carrotsticks and Cravings

Cook well. Eat well. Be well.

It’s no wonder Terri-Anne Leske’s cooking classes sell out oh so quickly. The Australian expat and mother of three has that rare ability to make you feel like you’ve known her for years. Warm, kind and with a great sense of humour, Terri-Anne makes stepping into class at Brettschneider’s state-of-the-art kitchen facility, feel like home.






“The eye fillet steaks from The Meat Club were cooked to perfection and tasted amazing!”

Epitomizing exactly what she preaches; the Healthy Entertaining cooking class, held at the Baking and Cooking School, was just that: healthy and entertaining. And absolutely delicious!

The TeamDinner timeDessert







Her three course meal – designed to “impress your guests” – included prawn and pomelo (entree), Thai inspired eye fillet salad from The Meat Club (main) and lime, coconut and mango cheesecake (dessert). If you haven’t already, you’d better book a seat for her next class now, before they sell out!