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1. Product

The founders of The Meat Club spent 18 months searching for Australia's finest beef and lamb, and are proud to present, 'The Prestige' beef and 'Union Station’ lamb, reared on properties in New South Wales and Victoria respectively.
The Prestige range of beef is processed at Bindaree Beef, one of Australia's largest, privately owned meat processors. Located in Inverell, northern New South Wales, our stock benefits from the lush, fertile grass lands and enjoy no more than 70 days of locally sourced grain to ensure depth and consistency of flavour.
Union Station lamb is 100% Australian and privately owned. Our farmers have a commitment to rearing prime quality free range lambs while adhering to strict Australian humane welfare standards and using progressive, stress-free handling techniques. Our range of lamb is also hormone and antibiotic free, while being Halal certified.
At the Meat Club, quality control is one of our core values. We use advanced atmospheric and packaging technology to pre-portion and ‘vacuum’ pack the meat at our facility in Australia. This technology contours the packaging to the shape of the meat for ultimate protection, as well as sealing the freshness from the paddock gate to your home in Singapore. At every step of the logistics supply chain, we closely maintain and monitor temperature and humidity to ensure there is minimal fluctuation.
As the process of making mince aerates the meat, it has a shorter shelf life of 10 days in the fridge.
We offer one-off, just in time delivery for ultimate convenience. However, due to the nature of our import cycle (currently every 28 days), our meat may have – for example – 20, 15 or 10 days left in the fridge, depending on where your order sits within our own cycle.
To benefit from a longer shelf life, join Auto Pilot and your meat will be delivered immediately on import every four weeks. There is no lock in contract just the convenience to modify, defer or cancel your order at any time.
This method of packing removes air from the package prior to sealing the contents. It reduces atmospheric oxygen, limiting the growth of aerobic bacteria, preventing evaporation of volatile components, and preventing contaminants that erode shelf life from entering the product. Keeping the meat in the vacuum packaging also improves the tenderness of the meat (known as ‘wet aging’).
This is the date we recommend you consume all meat in the fridge or move all your remaining chilled meat to the freezer. This will extend its shelf life by a further 3 months.
We recommend that any remaining (opened) meat portion is immediately sealed in an airtight container and placed in the fridge for no longer than 24 hours. That is; eat it the next day! Otherwise, freeze it.
Yes. Actually, our vacuum packaging helps here too. When you freeze meat you risk freezer burn due to moisture being wicked away from the surface of your meat. The airtight seal of our packaging prevents this from happening.
Ideally in the fridge for 12 to 24 hours. Alternatively, in a shallow bowl with running tap water, and then cooked immediately. Do not under any circumstance, microwave your meat.
Quality fresh meat is up to 70% water. When meat is frozen, ice crystals can form, expand and cause significant damage to the muscle cells, resulting in a loss of taste and even nutrition. Once the meat thaws, the damaged cells may 'leak' salts, proteins and rich flavours that would otherwise be captured, reducing the meat quality and dining experience.
MSA was developed by the Australian red meat industry to improve the eating quality and consistency of beef and lamb for consumption. The grading system takes into account all factors, and in particular age and marbling, that affect produce from the paddock to the plate. Further details can be found here
Our beef stock graze on lush grasslands and then on local grain for no more than 70 days to provide consistent portion sizes and flavour.  Our lamb is free range and pasture raised, while also being hormone and antibiotic free.
Yes our lamb is halal certified.
Yes. Club Meatballs in China Square have our lean mince on their menu (as well as other cuts of meat, from time to time). If you’d like to arrange a ‘meat tasting’, please email us at and we will be happy to assist you.
The Meat Club also have a regular presence at The Pantry Farmer’s Market, Loewen Gardens (Dempsey Hill). Please email us to find our when the next market is, and if we plan on having a stall there.

2. Ordering

Browse our Build Pack page to select the items you would like included in your delivery, to suit your needs. If your stuck for ideas, you can always choose from one of Our Packs that have been carefully curated.
Select either a one off order or enjoy ongoing savings and convenience with Auto Pilot, where you will receive a meat pack every four weeks. Next, choose either next day delivery or wait for our next import to benefit from the full shelf life of our products. Enter your preferred delivery date and time, enter your payment details and we will do the rest for you.
If you don’t want to wait for delivery, you can opt for ‘pick and collect’ from our retail fridge at Club Co, behind Club Meatballs in China Square. The convenience of this CBD location means you can take your meat on the way home from the office.
At The Meat Club, we are just that – a club. As with any club, our members are our ultimate priority. We love products that not only compliment our own offering, but also courage a balanced, healthy diet. When you join us on Auto Pilot, you not only benefit from ongoing convenience and savings, but we also hope to surprise you with sample items from our partners, so that our members benefit from new and exciting products in the market.
We are a club, here to support our current members and welcome new members. If in doubt, please reach out to us at

3. Delivery

Delivery is made every 28 days on Auto Pilot to align with the fridge shelf life for non-minced meat. We also offer next day delivery for ultimate convenience. 
Contact us and we will assist you immediately.
No problem!! Just contact us and we will work out an alternative solution.
Once you have placed your order you will be able to change the shipping address online 48hrs prior to delivery. This can be done in 'My Account'.
Deliveries will be made every four weeks and timed with our import. We will be in touch before the delivery to confirm your preferred date and time slot.
Yes. We have a retail fridge at Club Co, behind Club Meatballs in China Square. When selecting ‘pick and collect’ on our website, you will be directed to come to Club Co and collect your meat pack from one of our friendly staff.

4. Billing

Absolutely. We respect your privacy and security, and have partnered with Stripe as our payment gateway provider. Stripe have an outstanding reputation as a market leader in secure online payments.
Your card will be charged upon clicking 'Purchase' at the end of your order. If you choose Auto Pilot then your payment will occur every four weeks.
Simply log into 'My Account' and click the Setting tabs. All changes can be made from this page. Alternatively, please contact us for assistance.
Yes, you can. Should you need to put your order on hold for a month or two, please contact us and we will do our best to assist.
Simply log into 'My Account' and click the Setting tabs. All changes can be made from this page. Alternatively, please contact us for assistance.
All credit cards are accepted.
The Meat Club continuously monitors its competitiveness with local market prices. If you join us on Auto Pilot, we will notify you of any pricing changes and give you up to a week to confirm you are happy to continue with your subscription.
For all changes to your subscription please login into 'My Account'. You can modify your meat pack, defer your order to another time or choose to cancel. If your order is cancelled within the first two months you will incur the initial Auto Pilot discount received. Should you need any further assistance please don't hesitate to contact

5. Miscellaneous

We don’t have a retail shop however we do have a retail fridge at Club Co, behind Club Meatballs in China Square. This gives our new and existing members the option to pick and collect their meat on the way home from the city.
We don’t have traditional overheads of a butcher or supermarket, such as rent. The Auto Pilot option also allows us to reduce any wastage associated with businesses that order perishable inventory. Together, this means we can pass savings onto our members.
Yes. Please sign up during checkout.

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