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How to entertain guests this Chinese New Year

How to entertain guests this Chinese New Year

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Celebrate this Chinese New Year with The Meat Club! It is that time of year, to gather around with family and friends at home, for a delicious feast and one too many steamboats.

Let The Meat Club help you get prepared, with tips on how to entertain your guests at home, plus get our recipe inspiration that is perfect for ushering in the year of the Tiger!

How to entertain guests this Chinese New Year

Get our top tips, on how to prepare for all the festive gatherings, while also giving your guests a good time!

1. Greetings & red packets

Greet your guests with 恭喜发财 ‘Gong Xi Fa Cai’, which means to wish you good fortune and wealth. Or try 虎虎生威 ‘Hu Hu Sheng Wei’ which wishes the fullness of the vigor and vitality of the tiger! Ultimately, the most important aspect of these greetings and wishes is the sincerity, no matter which phrase you use.

It is also a tradition for married couples to give red packets to the younger generation, such nieces/nephews and the kids of your friends. Phrases of wishes are also conveyed while handing the red packets, as a form of blessing, usually wishing them good health, growth and encouragements in their academics.

2. Food, food, food!

Chinese New Year is all about food! Snacks such as pineapple tarts and peanut cookies are almost always the best choices to serve your guests. Also, Yusheng, a chinese salad made with fresh and preserved vegetables, raw fish and plum sauce, is traditionally tossed together with family and friends to signify abundance, prosperity and vigor!

As for the mains, there’s no fixed menu; families usually whip up a variety of their best dishes that are perfect for communal dining. Check out some of our Chinese-style recipe ideas for inspiration:

Chinese recipes for CNY

3. Beverages for everyone

Soft drinks are perfect for Chinese New Year, especially orange fizz, which is the closest to the mandarin oranges that are abundant during the spring season. For adults, many like to indulge in some wines or spirits. To have an even more traditional choice, try out some China beer or rice wine for a change!

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