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Tanya Soman

Tanya Soman

Fusspot & Foodie

About Tanya

Tanya is a former designer and food blogger. She is the founder and head chef of Fusspot & Foodie, a project fuelled by her passion to share her cooking experiments and parenting experience.

Why The Meat Club?

I am a mum and a professional chef. Hence, it is not just my passion but also my duty to seek out quality products for my family and clients. I discovered The Meat Club at a farmer’s market earlier this year.  The incredible quality of their beef and lamb blew me away! Although we are a family that follows a plant-based diet most of the time, we eat meat once a week. We absolutely insist it be of high quality and sourced from trustworthy farms.

The Meat Club’s lean mince and rib eye are the most popular in our home. My 5 year old raves about their delicious organic sausages! Why? Because even she knows that they are not loaded with nasties like the ones from the supermarket! I am proud to support The Meat Club and I love every opportunity to cook, eat and serve their range of delicious, high-quality meat.

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