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Stephanie Lung-Flecker

Stephanie Lung-Flecker

Foodie Fit Mum

About Stephanie

Stephanie is a fitness and food blogger. She writes at FoodieFitMum, where she also hosts an online fitness regime. She believes in empowering and inspiring working mothers, and helping them balance their careers, family and personal time.

Why The Meat Club?

I am a big fan of Australian produce, especially when it comes to providing my family with nutritional, fresh yet affordable meat available in Singapore. We cook a lot at home, so having access to premium quality meats (free range, hormone free, preservative free, organic) delivered to your doorstep is a dream come true without having to brave traffic and challenging car parks. We especially like the ease of the vacuum packs and knowing that they are delivered fresh and have a chilled shelf life of 28 days takes the cake. No more bugging hubby for a freezer chest!

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