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Jacinta & Elissa

Jacinta & Elissa

Two Expat Cooks

About Jacinta & Elissa

Jacinta and Elissa lived in Sydney before moving to Singapore. They started Two Expat Cooks, where they write about food they cook and where they procure fresh produce from in Singapore.

Why The Meat Club

Being Australians, we are always on the hunt for good quality meats in Singapore. Thankfully, The Meat Club has come to our rescue! We were so excited to hear of a fabulous company providing fresh, not frozen Australian meats of the highest quality straight to our door steps. We only like to buy fresh meat, as we are assured of it’s freshness because the meat is not frozen. You can order a meat pack and everything arrives fresh and ready to prepare a healthy meal for the family. This takes some of the stress of meal planning out of our days as busy mums. We love the range of products on offer, as it gives us a variety of ways to cook with meat so everyone can enjoy. We love the quality of meat and know you will too, so get on board!

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