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About Us

About us: the “Who”, “Where” and “Why” behind The Meat Club

Who We Are

The Meat Club was founded by Australians that were frustrated by the unreliable quality and unreasonable price points of beef and lamb in Singapore. Unwilling to settle for less, the team set about sourcing fresh, quality produce from suppliers in Australia. What started with just beef and lamb has now expanded into Australian cage-free chicken, King Salmon, Cone Bay Barramundi, back bacon and a range of gluten-free sausages. Minimizing their own overheads and importing only what the market demands, The Meat Club have created a unique, one of its kind online marketplace that allows savings to be passed onto members. Headed by David Beattie, a former farmer from Longreach in outback Queensland, who worked the land and learned about the ideal rearing conditions for farming animals, there is no better person to understand the ins and outs of export quality red meat. Coupled with 10 years experience at Rio Tinto as a logistics and supply chain specialist, there is no better person to ensure our product arrives safely at our members door steps, one month after the next.

Where We Source

It took some 18 month to find the right suppliers of our Australian range of produce. What began as a traditional red meat business has quickly expanded into an online marketplace for other types of meat including Australian cage-free chicken, King Salmon, Cone Bay Barramundi, back bacon and a range of gluten-free sausages. The Meat Club continue to support Australian suppliers that adhere to strict animal welfare practices, have utmost care for the environment and can guarantee the integrity of the supply chain process from farm to plate.

Why the Meat Club

At The Meat Club, we are passionate about eating well. With that, we are inspired to source great quality produce and make it available to everyone in Singapore, for less. Our product is our passion. So too, is our service standards. We pride ourselves on the fact that no call or email goes unanswered and that every query is treated with the attention it deserves. We live and breathe our values and mission:


The Meat Club team are proud of their extensive vetting process in discovering the finest producers of Australian red meat and now, cage-free Australian chicken, bacon, sausages, New Zealand King Salmon and Cone Bay Barramundi. With the added confidence that our products meet the highest forms of food safety standards and adhere to strict animal welfare practices, our customers can be rest assured that they are receiving the highest quality product.


The Meat Clubs unique subscription offering, Auto Pilot, offers the convenience of home delivery of your chosen items, every month, immediately on import. This means our members benefit from the freshest produce, with the longest shelf life available at club prices. With no lock in contract, long term commitment or hidden fees, the The Meat Club model is designed exclusively to serve and benefit its members.


Our goal is to provide a long term solution to the unreasonable prices and unpredictable quality of fresh produce in Singapore. With a keen focus on customer service and the ability to pass on savings to our members through a lean business model, we will be closing out our membership base at 1,000 Singapore subscribers to guarantee our product and our service standards are maintained indefinitely.

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