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Reap the rewards of Singapore’s online meat market

The Meat Club offers Singapore residents fresh, restaurant quality, Australian beef and lamb delivered to your door. Our meat is conveniently cryovaced in meal sized portions to ensure freshness and taste. Under our AutoPilot model, our online meat store is able to draw on its collective purchasing power, passing savings onto its members. When you order meat online, you don’t pay for any overheads or costs associated with keeping a retail store; you’re only paying for quality goods.

Order meat online with us and experience…


Australian beef and lamb is widely recognised as the finest in the World. From our farms in New South Wales and Victoria, direct to your dinner plate, our range of farm fresh beef and lamb has been specifically selected to be a part of our online meat market.
From checking the breeding records to the way in which the animals are treated and cared for, and how the product has been graded and aged, we are continually searching for the very best for our members.
All cuts in our online meat store are graded by Meat Standards Australia (MSA), a system that takes the guess work out of buying Australian produce. Any product bearing the MSA symbol has met strict criteria, meaning you can be rest assured that it's been quality checked for tenderness and flavour.

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At The Meat Club, our promise is to deliver your order with professionalism and timeliness. As such, we have partnered with the very best in logistics, so that when you order meat online it can be closely monitored from the farm gate to your front door. Our team of professionals are as dedicated to the transportation process as we are to our online meat store.

Customer service

Just because you order meat online shouldn’t mean you feel isolated from the supplier. We pride ourselves on the very best in customer service, meaning your questions and concerns will never go unanswered. We grow our club through a word-of-month reputation and we concentrate resources on excelling in customer service, one of our core values.